Handicap Accessibility Renovations to Increase Mobility in the Home

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During our lifetime, many of us will experience at least a temporary disability. Accidents and life happen; and as a homeowner you could find yourself using a wheelchair or a walker for a multitude of reasons. But, there are ways to increase mobility and handicap accessibility within the home to make your or your loved one’s living situation a more enjoyable one. At WSL, we specialize in handicap accessibility in Perry County and we have years of experience providing barrier-free living environments for a variety of clients. As the trusted name in handicap accessibility, we would like to provide a list of ways services like ours can help make any room in the home more accessible.

handicap accessibility

What makes a home handicap and wheelchair accessible? For starters, bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens should allow the freedom of movement free from narrow doors or steps. Counters and cupboards should provide easy access and the ability to get into or out of the home without obstacles can all make a home a better environment.

In the Kitchen

There are several updates that can be performed to allow room for a wheelchair to turn around and include a countertop equipped for handicap accessibility. Counter tops can be lowered, sinks can be replaced and electric receptacles and switches can be moved to the front of the counter or cabinet to allow for easy access.

In the Bathroom

Bathrooms can be modified or redesigned for walker and wheelchair access. Modifications to bathrooms will help avoid injury and is our most requested service. Toilets can be replaced with special units or raised seats can be installed. Bathtubs, showers and faucets can also be replaced for increased handicap accessibility.

Hallways, Doors & More

Doors and hallways should be widened for wheelchair and walker access. And, usually light switches must be relocated and made accessible to the individual’s requirement.
Here are some of the most common handicap accessibility modifications we provide:

  • Remodeling kitchens to be more efficient and accessible
  • Creating first-floor bathrooms
  • Remodeling bathrooms with ADA showers/tubs and roll under vanities
  • Installing chair lifts
  • Widening doorways for easier wheelchair or walker mobility
  • Installing home elevators
  • And more

At WSL, we also design and construct new home builds that will allow you to stay in the same home as you age. The new build would have wider hallways, 36in doors, no steps, allow for use of wheelchair mobility in the bathroom if needed. They also include low plush carpet or hard surfaces for easy mobility in wheel chairs.

As a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, we will do our best to make home modifications that will fit your needs, both now and in the future. Contact our handicap accessibility experts in Perry County today! Give WSL Inc. a call at 717-582-3423 or contact us via email.

This Summer, Stack the Deck in Your Favor

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Making a current home an absolute dream home is something we all think about. And summertime is a great time of year to consider home improvements that make that dream a reality. When you think of summer, what comes to mind? Backyard 4th of July picnics? Family gatherings? Quiet evenings sipping wine beneath the stars? Enjoying family dinners outdoors? Adding a deck or balcony to your home can be one of the best ways to enhance all of these outdoor activities. Imagine the possibilities! As builders in Central PA, we are experts at deck building and can create a stunning a place to enjoy the great outdoors right in the comfort of your own backyard.


There’s nothing quite like having a deck! There are many incredible benefits to including a balcony or deck in your plans or as an addition to your current home. They can provide not only a great place to sit outside and enjoy the many wonders of nature that central Pennsylvania has to offer; they are also wonderful for entertaining guests and can even increase the value of your home. Whether you’re interested in bird watching, star gazing or hosting summer BBQ’s, a deck provides additional space with fantastic aesthetic appeal. And, the builders at WSL Incorporated can work wonders! Here are a few of the reasons many homeowners choose to install decks with WSL:

 Increased Home Value

Decks are a sought-after feature for potential homebuyers. They want to see a family-oriented outdoor space so that they picture themselves enjoying. Having professional builders add a deck to your home can increase both its value and desirability in case you ever decide to sell.

deck builders

Entertaining Guests

When the weather is nice a deck allows you the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and breeze in a comfortable setting; a deck also gives you a defined central space for hanging out. It even gives you an area for a grill, furniture, potted plants, and so many other things. Let your builders know what you’re looking for in a deck so we can create a space perfect for you and your family.

Aesthetic Appeal

With decks, the design possibilities are endless! As professional builders, we can help you design and stain a deck to enhance the existing qualities of your home like its shape and color scheme.

Overall, decks add dimension and transform the way you see and use your backyard. A deck is a fantastic investment that can improve the quality of life for your family as well as increase the value of your home. We know our builders can create the right one for you!

For more information about decks and our professional builders in Central PA, contact WSL Incorporated today! We are ready and waiting to assist you and tell you all about the many services we provide. Call us at 717-582-3423 or Contact Us.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling: Top Tips & Benefits

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May is National Home Improvement Month! And, in its honor we wanted to talk about some of the most beneficial renovations for your Pennsylvania home; kitchen and bathroom remodeling. When it comes to remodeling rooms within your home, in addition to making them look and feel fantastic, it is also important to consider areas what will give you the most return on your investment. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are some of the best ways to give your home a style refresh while also adding value to your home. As experts in kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Dauphin County, the professionals at WSL have put together some great design tips and benefits to these two types of home remodeling. And, when you’re ready to take the next step in design and renovation, allow us to be the company you look to. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your home and also happens to be our specialty. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top kitchen and bathroom remodeling trends that will make the biggest difference for your home as well as some of their benefits.

Kitchen Remodeling

What do you need out of your new kitchen? Do you need more space for preparing meals? Do you want more space for entertain guests? Or do you simply need to bring it into the current decade? If you have always loved granite countertops, now is a great time to look into them further. Start looking at samples online and get an idea of the style or pattern you’d like for your new kitchen. The same goes with your cabinetry, backsplash and flooring. You can even start looking at smaller fixtures, like lighting and cabinet door knobs. The more you know about what you want in your new kitchen renovation, the easier the design process can be.

Kitchen Remodeling Perry County
These types of updates make it easy to bring your kitchen into the current decade, or any decade you choose! Consider an eat-in kitchen with an open feel for an increase in value. Or maybe just add a ceramic tile backsplash and upgrade with an island or new cabinetry.

Bathroom Remodeling

When looking to give your home a fresh, updated feel, the bathroom is the best place to look. Why? Bathrooms tend to be the best way to spark interest in potential home buyers. And, even if you aren’t interested in selling anytime soon, they can make your daily morning routine a more luxurious one. While bathrooms of the past tended to focus on function more than style, modern bathrooms look to create an elegant environment that focuses on relaxation and similar benefits. Though a bathroom remodel is no small undertaking, it can become a room that makes a big impression. By using new flooring, installing a new tub, or updating tiling, you can have a great looking bathroom in no time. And, the experts at WSL are professionals at it!

So, when you’re ready to explore your options in kitchen and bathroom remodeling for your Dauphin County home, Contact Us at WSL Incorporated today. Call us today at 717-582-3423.

Start Fresh! Build New with a Custom Home in Juniata County

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Spring is finally here in Juniata County! It’s a great time of year to start fresh and find a new home for you and your family. While spring and summer are prime home buying seasons, they are also a great time to consider building a brand new home. As home builders servicing Juniata County, we understand the perks to living in this beautiful part of the state and the many benefits that come along with building a custom home here. But first, there are a few things to consider before moving ahead with your building project. We’ve outlined a checklist of things to consider before contacting your new home builders as well as some benefits to keep in mind.

home builders

Find Homes Builders with a Great Reputation

You can check your potential home builders out with the BBB, Angie’s List, or on various other review sites like Yelp. You may also want to talk to building supply companies and see what they have to say.
Also, ask to see the portfolio of work from each of your potential home builders. Spend plenty of time talking with the builder and be sure that you both understand what your vision will be for your home, and what it will take to get it there.

Choose Home Builders that Are Willing to Work with You

Don’t feel obligated to go with the standard home plans for your new home. Working with Juniata County home builders like WSL Inc. means that you can opt for a variety of plans so you can make work for your lifestyle and taste.

And, just because a house plan has a slab foundation, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Home builders can typically convert those plans to have a basement rather than the concrete slab.

Think Outside the Box

Do something totally unique like including a vertical garden area in your kitchen or sunroom. Having your home builders add narrow shelves to the kitchen plans will allow for this. Or, have an enclosed fire pit or see through fireplace installed!

Choose Your Surroundings

When you go with home builders like us, you will also be able to choose your home’s location. When buying an existing home, you are at the mercy of what’s available at that time. With a custom home, you can choose from a variety of lots for sale. And, Juniata County has many stunning areas ideal for building a new custom home. This area is filled with quaint small towns, stunning mountain views and sprawling countryside just waiting to be gazed upon.

At WSL Inc., we have helped countless homeowners build the home of their dreams in Juniata County and all over central Pennsylvania. Ready to get started? Contact our home builders in Juniata County today! Give WSL Inc. a call at 717-582-3423 or contact us via email.

Benefits to Building a Custom Home in Pennsylvania

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So you know you want a new home. One of the first decisions you will likely make is whether you want to opt for an existing house or a custom built home. We all desire a house that is much more than a shelter from nature. We want a house that is functional for our needs, that is located in a neighborhood we love, and is a place we can call home. But not every residence is created equal. As a custom home builder in Perry County, we are familiar with the many benefits to choosing new construction and would like to share a few of them with you now.

custom home builder perry county

Perry County Ranch House

Get the Style of Home You Want

When you work with a custom home builder like WSL Inc., skilled at not just building houses but crafting homes, you can trust you are getting the place of your dreams. And, when shopping for a home in a particular area, the existing homes currently available may not reflect the exact style of home you want. The beauty of working with a custom home builder is you won’t have to search high and low for the style of home you want; simply tell WSL Inc. what you’re looking for and we can work to build it!



Fully Customize Your Home

A custom home builder can provide a home that is just that — custom! It can be tailored to your family’s specific needs, wants and tastes. Odds are if you decide to buy an existing home, there will be at least a few things you’ll want to change. With a custom home this isn’t the case. It’s built from the ground up just for you. From your flooring to your roof, you and your custom home builder can choose what your house looks like and what it’s made of. Does your home require handicap accessibility? We can handle that too.

Choose Your Home’s Surroundings

Chances are, when going with a custom home builder, you will also be able to choose your home’s location. Not only will our expert builders choose the perfect location for a sound foundation and optimal view; you will also have your own say in where your new home goes. When buying an existing home, you are at the mercy of what’s available where. With a custom home, you can choose from a variety of lots for sale. WSL Inc. too, has many stunning, countryside estate lots for sale in Perry County ready for your dream home.

The team at WSL Inc. is the custom home builder that can make your vision a reality. We will listen to your needs and work with you to design a home that works with your needs, your budget and the property on which it will be built.

Are you ready to learn more about a custom home builder in Perry County? Give us a call today at 717-582-3423 or Contact Us.